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Rebecca Ryan sets question of choice for future

May 14, 2009

Do we want to be an older, smaller community or one that is younger and more dynamic? The demographic reality is that great numbers of Baby Boomers are gradually moving into the age of retirement (even if they keep working to cancel recent economic losses).

Working or playing, this large group will keep getting older and older, changing the way our community looks. We must continue to attract new, young, creative and talented men and women to make sure that our community stays in balance. As Rebecca Ryan told the audience at the Community Foundation annual meeting on May 11, the choice is ours.

That’s the scary thing, isn’t it? We do have to choose. And even if we don’t choose to do something positive and forward-looking, that itself is a choice.

At the Community Foundation, we choose to listen to young and old, to consider the needs and opportunities of our community and to continue the dynamic path that already has led to so many great things. When we see the growth at UAB or the enthusiasm of children at McWane Science Center or the eagerness of hikers to explore Red Mountain Park, we choose again to believe in the amazing possibilities of transformation through the power of philanthropy and the shared vision of people who care.

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