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Does anniversary call for new blog name?

May 13, 2009

Imagine a brighter future — that’s what we have been using as the title for our Imagine blog since we set it up two years ago. The pictures along the top all represent people who have imagined some big things — and made them happen — with the Community Foundation.

We’ve been using this Imagine blog to get even more people involved in imagining and doing things with us. As we move ahead into the rest of our 50th anniversary year and the next 50 years of the Community Foundation, does our blog name still make sense? How can we keep filling these posts with things you want to know — and what’s the right name for what we’re trying to do?

Should we change to something like Community Catalyst, reflecting the longtime role of the Community Foundation in making things happen, as well as the new resource for venture philanthropy we are building for the future? Should we call it Community Views, as a way of inviting viewpoints from all our partners in the community? [Gotta love those guest bloggers, who have such wonderful dreams for our community today and in another 50 years!]

So, let’s call for the question. What kind of information do you want to see in this blog and what are your ideas about naming this voice for the Community Foundation and the people who care about the community? The prize will be your idea at the top of this page for the rest of the anniversary year and a chance to influence the content we provide.

We’re waiting to hear, so tell us: What do creative and caring minds have to say?

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