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Annual meeting brings community together

May 11, 2009

It certainly felt like the start of something great when the Homewood High School drum line began striking the first notes of their cadence. And, yes, to answer Rebecca Ryan’s question, the great stuff included cake!

At our annual meeting on May 11, we heard from our “official” representatives, board chair Eddie Friend and president Kate Nielsen, interviewed by volunteer (and former TV news reporter) Atticus Rominger. We watched amazing kids from Alabama School of Fine Arts and Birmingham Children’s Theatre dance to “Rock Around the Clock” and John Mayer, representing 1959 and 2009.

And we watched two wonderful videos by Mark Hendren and Jen West, interpreting our past and our future, as seen through the great work of our nonprofit partners and the eyes of our youngest citizens, the ones who will live in the world we create with the decisions we make today.

The drums led us out from Birmingham Children’s Theatre and into the cool afternoon, across the Civic Center Plaza and into the Arena Club, where every kind of activity awaited in all areas of our grantmaking. You could learn how to identify invasive plants with Freshwater Land Trust or add your own touches to a painting that will hang in the Community Foundation offices, listen to jazz by talented youth or try a canoe race with Cahaba River Society.

Now that you’ve seen what we’ve been doing for 50 years, be sure to tell us what you dream for the next 50 years. Comment here or send in your ideas on our special sharing site at

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