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Young voices, young families

April 15, 2009

What will our community be like for our kids? And what do they imagine for their homes, their neighborhoods, their world in another 50 years?

That’s what filmmaker Jennifer West is finding out as she captures the voices of children for a special video that will be shown at the Community Foundation annual meeting on May 11. Already we’ve heard youngsters ages 8 to 18, many of them visitors to McWane Science Center during their spring vacation. Their answers may surprise and certainly will inspire you.

We’re still gathering voices for the video, particularly from younger kids and their parents. What do you imagine for your two-year-old when she is just past her 50th birthday? What should her world look like? What things should not change and what can we build together today that will transform our community in another 50 years?

We invite you to share those thoughts on camera this Sunday, April 19, from 1 to 3 p.m., in Homewood Park. Look for Jennifer with her video camera and her black hat and take a moment to do some time traveling for you and your children. Send an e-mail to let her know you are coming, or just show up. It’s another great way to be part of imagining — and doing — something to build a brighter future.

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