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Holding on to hope and dreams

April 13, 2009

What should never change in our community? Its generosity, especially to the nonprofit organizations that enrich our lives. What is your wildest hope for our shared future? One big city to cut duplicate services and use the savings for great projects by the Community Foundation.

Those are two recent contributions from people who submitted their ideas on postcards and forms filled out at meetings across the community. Even without the names of these great thinkers, it’s clear that there are common themes of strengths and dreams which we can all work on together.

Never change?
Love of art and investment in arts and culture.
People’s caring actions toward one another.
Strong family and spiritual values.
The small-town feel of our city and county.
Postiive attitude that Birmingham is a great city!
Bringing businesses downtown, so we do not destroy the beautiful old buildings that grace our streets.
Caring, happy, helpful approach (of the Community Foundation) to people and issues; seeing and visualizing how a private organizatio can provide seed money for projects to help people, and create projects and great ideas in our community.
Our ability to feel welcoming and “small” even though we’re growing.

Wildest hopes?
Children of all backgrounds playing together, their parents open and seeking diversity, racially, ethnically, culturally.
Safe streets to walk anywhere in downtown Birmingham.
Women supported and empowered by the community, especially when it comes to the reproductive function and caring for their children.
Move further away from the crazy foller-coaster, pushing people to work all the time and believing, erroneously, that this will make the quality of their work or their lives better.
Central business and shopping center to draw people back.
No more corruption in government at any level.
Birmingham and surrounding areas coming together to help rebuild downtown and its education into one of the best cities in the country. This would mean coming together to tackle problems of crime so we can take pride in our city and surrounding areas.
Birmingham schools equal to over-the-mountain schools.
Birmingham neighborhoods racially and economically integrated — no slums — housing for all.
That we take our rightful role as the center-most city in the Southeast and that private and political (governmental) centers of caring can plan together and work together to bring to fruition our great city and community.
Attract more people and talent.

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