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Community Builders build for future with legacy

December 2, 2008

What should never change in our community? Its generosity and friendliness.
What is your wildest hope for our community? Transportation! We dream of high-speed trains, no more widening roads, better statewide communication (sans automobile).

That’s just one sample of what the members of our legacy society love about this place and what they imagine for a brighter future. These are the folks we call our Community Builders, because they are making a bequest or some othre kind of planned gift that will make a difference after they are gone.

Check out some of the photos from our lunch on November 18 to honor our Community Builders and the professional advisors who helped them create the perfect plan through the Community Foundation. We’ll continue to post their great thoughts as well, as we continue to imagine what we can do together — today and in the future.

Thanks to Jane Branscomb for that first example. Here are two more:

Never change: Philanthropic spirit & love of place.
Wildest hope: That we will place significant value on our natural resources — beauty, also water, air — as we expand our footprint in the region. Cameron Vowell

Never change: A welcoming community for newcomers to Birmingham.
Wildest hope: An unlimited educational opportunity without bounds of socio-economic limitations that includes art, music, foreign cultural studies and computer sciences (in addition to traditional studies). As soon to be parents of twins, my wife and I want this for our expected children! Craig Stephens

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  1. January 29, 2009 12:49 pm

    More comments from the Community Builder luncheon on what should never change about our great community and wildest hopes for the future. Even without the names of those who suggested these ideas, they provide powerful witness to the potential of our community.

    Never change: Love for our fellow men and women.
    Symphony, museum of art, strong UAB, Studio By the Tracks, Civil Rights Institute, Alabama School of Fine Arts, Birmingham Botanical Gardens.

    Generous heart, Jewish philanthropy, people, servant leadership.

    Strong sense of community, compassion, giving, caring & understanding.

    The beauty of our land – trees, hills.

    Wildest hope: New city and county government.

    Coalesce all the governments in the county into one government.

    Better public schools, political leaders going in one direction, merge all communities into one, positive journalism.

    A better interaction & understanding among different cultures here & in the world.

    That everyone will be accepted and feel a “proud part” of our community.

    One city government for all of Jefferson County. I heard on speech on that in 1969-70 by Jacksonville, FL, the business leaders led to move this along – forget the politicians.

    So what do you think should never change — and what is your wildest hope? We’re listening!

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