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What great things should never change?

November 26, 2008

We’ve been inviting people to imagine great things for greater Birmingham, and now we’re asking for something a little different: What things should never change about our community?

What do you see as the strengths that make us who we are? Is it our location and the wonderful natural resources, as some folks say. Or the Southern “soul,” the sense that it’s important to do something to help others whenever you can.

Here are some ideas to get you started, from the crowd at WorkPlay on Nov. 19.

Hope & daring individuals. Gates Shaw

Our generosity and willingness to get involved, as well as our dedication to preservation of the good things about Birmingham’s character. Valerie Abbott

Life is about change. There is nothing that should NEVER change. We have to embrace, change, adaptiveness & dynamic institutions. Esther Schuster

Our beautiful, natural, life-giving & life-supporting water & land – the treasure trove of creation that is in our hands & that enriches our souls & health. Beth Stewart

Its history, its jazz. Rosalva Bermudez-Ballin

The diversity of our family-oriented community. John R. Stewart

Keep your imagination going. Doug Hale

An organization that when not moving the community in the right direction never settles for anything less than seeking for that direction, and enlisting our support and leaders of others in the community. Robert Thuston

Our diversty. It should be a strength, not a weakness. Bob Schleusner

Generosity – looking out for those less fortunate. Richard Carmody

A desire, willingness to ask questions; a desire, willingness to do better. Richard Dickerson

The green space; the Southern hospitality. Kathy Freeland

Our Southern hospitality and graciousness, our concern for our neighbors. Suzanne Durham

Initiative to move forward. Nicol King

The spirit of giving that provides the support to the many organizations helping to move our community forward. Gary Stokes

Its geographic beauty. HBB

The beauty of Birmingham, keep & improve all parks, etc. Christian White

Our love of arts & good music; our sense of community. Lauren Banks

We should never cease taking risks so we can know and trust each other better. Smith Williams

Atmosphere of healing confrontation for cured hope in moving forward. Erika Prothow

Recycling, Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham, two times a week garbage pickup, Head Start, United Way of Central Alabama. Penny Southward

Its spiritual core of love, oneness and dedication to others. Bob McKenna

The uniqueness and strength of our diverse beautiful neighborhoods. Nim Long

Our community spirit, warmth & generosity.

Our special natural landscape.

Our pride in our history.

The warmth and hospitality of its people; the belief that we the people can do anything that we set our minds to; the sense that spiritual values really matter.

Sloss Furnace. Linn Park. Ruffner Mountain.

Our focus and value we place on Birmingham’s green space.

Soul, in the broadest sense. It makes us unique.

The enthusiasm for change, regardless of the progress made.

The rich heritage & variety of people, the opportunities available to participate in art, history & culture.
A faith community that transcends theological differences and seeks justice and mercy for all.

The spirit of cooperation and hope.

Our history of being a “magic city,” with a strong history of being a steel town that survived the chotera epidemic. Our history of racial strife and surviving. Our medical influence and our care. Our art museum, civil rights museum, zoo, McWane Center, Arlington, Sloss Furnaces.

The feel of pride to live in Birmingham.

We should be willing to change everything!

That besides all our differences we are a caring community.

The small-town feel in a big city; not forgetting where we’ve come from to inspire change in the future.

The “home-owned” aspect; art, music, family restaurants, etc.

The quality of the people.

We should preserve our history in architecture, neighborhoods, parks, institutions and the history and accomplishments of the people who came before us.

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