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Sirote employees and nonprofits imagine great things

September 15, 2008

From students at Holy Family High School to employees of Sirote & Permutt, thoughtful people shared what they imagine for a brighter future in greater Birmingham at a community service fair for the law firm on September 15.

Students from Holy Family shared their ideas in between talking with fair-goers about their own Cristo Rey program, which involves young people in work as well as study. They imagined “more activities that will keep the youth off the street” and “more churches..involved because religion is also important, plus “correcting crime” and getting “better schools and teachers with better educational degrees. 

Father Alex Steinmiller imagines “all of the proactive community-based organizations — ONB, CAC, Urban League,  Leadership Birmingham, Region 2020, etc., etc., would come together to strategically plan for our future.”

Gary Asher of Big Brother Big Sister imagines “music in every school!!!”

Several visitors imagined a safer, cleaner city. As one said, “I imagine Birmingham being more beautiful with cleaner streets.  I imagine it looking as beautiful as the hearts of the people that live in Birmingham, AL.  I love it here. I hope Downtown in 10 years looks amazing!”

Two visitors imagined a functioning transit system, and one a Birmingham school system that attracts families.

Another nonprofit representative imagines more school money per student…more equality in resources and qualified teachers for city schools, as well as more programs for junior high and high school students…something for these kids to do…and more police officers in the area. “There are also a lot of things going on in Birmingham (Film Festival/Arts Festival/etc.) that don’t get adequate publicity,” she said. “I imagine more PSAs and ads and such to let people know what’s going on in Birmingham. I see commercials on television for other schools and states and attractions. Birmingham and Alabama as a whole oculd use some new PR.”

What do you imagine? Let’s keep the ideas coming!

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